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Blast Fat, Get Lean, Feel Great.

A 3 day a week program that will fire away at stubborn fat, and forge solid lean muscle GUARANTEED **

The BCI Metabolic Blast Bootcamp is the fastest and ultimate way to the achieve the body you deserve! If you are ready to make a change and take charge of your health and fitness then this program is for you!

  • Blast fat!
  • Tone and gain lean muscle!
  • Improve the way you move and feel!

Metabolic Blast is a large group (10-20) fitness class based around the concept of Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT). MRT has been proven to be the fastest way to destroy body fat, improves the way your body utilizes insulin, and make changes to your body composition. We combine strength training, running, sprinting, mobility exercises, core training, tension/breathing drills, movement skill training and more that will help you not only look better but also feel and move better.

** MONEY BACK GUARANTEE –¬†We stand behind our products and programs and after 30 days if you don’t feel you received your money’s worth just let us know and we will reimburse you!

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